Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You have to start somewhere

While I have no grand ideas of our home ever being featured in Country Living or Romantic Homes it's worth a try right? I saw on The Lettered Cottage today that Matthew Mead is holding a contest that he, yes, he, not his flunkies, will come to your home and decorate it for Christmas and complete a 2-3 page layout for his magazine.

Did you hear that? It was my jaw hitting the floor.

Can you even begin to imagine how amazing that would be??????

I have been in blogdom long enough to see the competition and trust me, Bellom House ain't livin' up to the level. BUT just like Miss America has to start by winning fair titles and working her way up so goes it for the winners of such contests.

So Bellom House will be entering this contest, maybe, just maybe this will be my first "title." Then again, we might just have to resign ourselves to being Little Miss Furball or Queen of Dust Bunnies and Goodwill Finds. Either way, it's worth a try. Ain't it?

Also, I will tell you now that I will be green with envy towards the winner and cannot be held responsible for any catty remarks I may make, do know they are made out of pure, unadulterated envy and deep down I just wanna be you.

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