Friday, June 4, 2010

I have a linky!

Actually I have an inny, but hey, who's keeping track?

I'm not sure if it's proper blog etiquette or not, but I linked my locker basket light to The Shabby Nest which is a marvtaculous blog by the way!

A plea to the more experienced bloggers, if doing this linky dinky thing-a-ma-jig is rude or presuming please let me know. I promise to always tell you if you have a bat in the cave or your under-roos are showing. Many thanks!

1 comment:

  1. I just started following your blog because of your link over at The Shabby Nest! I LOVE your kitchen!! Right now I am gathering ideas for our itty bitty house. See we moved over 4000 miles this winter from 10 beautiful semi-wooded acres w/ a lovely 2 story 1800 square foot home (plus barn and heated chicken coop) to a petite somewhere between 1250 and 1400 square foot home on 1/2 an acre located amongst fields. OH did I mention we had two dogs (only one now...), two teens, a 10 year old, and hubby and myself. Yeah.... I love my little house but can't seem to get the right feel.

    Can't wait to see what all you have up your sleeve!!

    (Feel free to stop on over sometime to take a look around!)