Thursday, June 10, 2010

(Odd) Ideas for Creation

I was checking out Etsy again and found some interesting vintage industrial medical items.

Now, I'm odd. Shocking ain't it?
I have a weird fondness towards old medical themed decorating. I think the sterility of it can be really exciting when used appropriately, say in a bathroom.

I found this great enameled tray and while it would also work in a kitchen I thought using it as a tray in a bathroom would be really cute. I am not a fan of personal hygiene "stuff" on the counter. I hate the idea of people seeing my toothbrush. Remember I said I'm odd. We are lucky to have enough drawers in our bathroom to hide things like deodorant, toothbrushes, hemorrhoid cream (it's E's, really.) Not everyone has this luxury. So, if you do have to display your lotions and potions, why not do it in a cute way?
This great enameled tray is only $16.99 to begin with and considering it was made to be used for medical instruments it can stand up to bleaching, moisture and heat, three things that are definitely happening in our bathroom.
While I still wouldn't want my toothbrush just laying on the tray stashing it in a science beaker? SURE! Such as these. How about storing cotton balls and q-tips in one? Maybe even filling one with bath salts.
What will I do with my mouthwash you ask? How about decanting it into one of these adorable-and lidded-beakers? You could even store lotion in one. How about some aloe in one to give a pop or gooey, sciency green color to the bathroom?

Too modern? I just love this one with the glass stopper. Wouldn't even Listerine look amazing in that?!?!Need somewhere to hide floss? I thought this old Sucrets tin would be a cute addition. Wanting some art for the bathroom? I just adore these old medical charts and this one even has the urinary system on it.

Too far? Maybe a little.

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  1. Beth,

    I have an odd affectation with vintage medical finds myself. I have this "thing" with apothecary bottles, shelves, knobs and such.(Much to my husbands sheer delight, mind you!) Vintage bottles seem to pop up all over the place....I've become a real bottle head!

    Went garage sale-ing this week and found some great vintage glass bottles to put in our bathroom...not real medical *looking*....but very vintage! They had labels on them that said *scotch* and *brandy*....very medically useful...I think....ya know, hot toddies for the cold and flu season? Well, for now they have been thoughtfully re-purposed as bathroom decor....chick style!

    When I get myself together I will post pics on my blog: fly on over to my coop and check them out.

    Medically speaking,