Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I wish I could...

Color my hair this color. 

I don't know why, I just love it. 
I also love that cloche she's wearing, alas, I don't have a hat head.

Or this snood, oh my how lovely.

If your life isn't complete without such a lovely lacey haberdashery you can find it here.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm dreaming of an industrial Christmas, I think

Despite the Halloween decorations still being up (I just didn't have the up-and-at-'em to take it down yesterday) I'm already dreaming of sugar plums and tree themes.

Last year our itty bitty house had 13 trees.  Now, before you get all impressed that count includes small trees here and there, there were only 3 full sized trees. This year I feel the need for change.  The large tree in the upstairs living room is our "traditional tree."  It has ornaments from our childhood, our first year married ornament, the ornaments we've made/gotten for the dogs etc.  The tree in the spare room was new last year, white with white lights and peacock themed colors.  The den tree is all pink and sage green ornaments that I've used since I was out on my own 8 years ago.  I think that's the tree that's going to be revamped this year.

This year I want to shake things up some.  Do something different. 
Something that doesn't scream Christmas. 

Vintage industrial has a special place in my heart and I thought incorporating it into Christmas could either be great or be an epic FAIL.

Here's what I had in mind....

I love this tree.  It's flocked, pre-lit (a MUST) and has little pine cones. It's pricey, way too pricey (for me at least, I'm cheap, I only buy trees on clearance.) It's also really hard to steal pictures from Home Depot's site.  For more info on this tree go here. I thought the flocking would be a nice contrast with the metal in the decorations.

Now for ornaments.  Personally I'm a "nester" I like to nestle ornaments into the tree, I really don't like hanging ornaments.  This could also be because we have two not so bright cats and two insanely curious dogs, so nesting just makes more sense.

I love letters and spelling out NOEL or JOY in vintage metal letters, too cute.

I just loved these little pulleys.  They would be adorable on their own or you could use twine and hang a bulb from them.

Again, these would be adorable hung as individual ornaments.  They also would be great strung together with red velvet ribbon or lace and used as a cluster in the tree.

These spindles would be cute nestled in the tree, on the mantle, or wind colorful ribbon or thread around them and pile them in a wire basket for under the tree or by the fireplace.

I loved these old hotel numbers.  I think having a bunch of them strung together with a funky color (bright key lime green maybe) satin ribbon and used as garland would be a fun touch.

For those of you who have a thing for hanging ornaments, this would be a cute way to hang your favorite.

Washers, could be individual or strung together with twine for garland.

Calibers, I love that you can adjust them.  I think it would be cute to use them to "hold" ornaments.

I fell in love with this little lantern.  Cute on the mantle or as part of floor decor around the tree.

Vintage tape measure garland anyone? ME ME ME!

And what would be the tree topper?  Fireman's lantern of course!

I have a peculiar fascination with wire baskets and sap buckets.  I loved this one for it's long skinny shape.  It would look cute holding firewood or filled with pine branches.

There are few things as glorious and perfect as an Edison bulb.  I would love to see these with ribbon tied around the ends and hanging from a tree.  See, I am ok with some hanging ornaments.

Rusty chain garland?  Why not?!

So there you have it. Some vintage industrial Christmas inspiration.
I'm not sure if this will be "it" for the den tree this year as I was just struck with having that same tree and using "woodland creatures" to decorate it.  Owls, nests, birds, etc. 

So many ideas, so little time.

All images are from Etsy, I just searched "vintage industrial" and got pages and pages of good ideas!