Friday, January 14, 2011

Tick tock...glug glug

This clock makes my heart beat fast (that's the glug glug part.)  Sorry, stolen pictures from the net do not transfer well to blogs.

I saw it in Country Living and spontaneously "ohhhhhhh, I want this."   My dear sweet husband endulged me and looked at the picture when I showed it to him but his "uh huh, it's nice" was by no means as enthusiastic as I had wanted.  I am hoping she will be coming home with me this weekend, she would be puuuuuurrrfect in our living room.   I'll let you know (and see) if it does make it home with us!

Here's the info on the clock, just please don't buy the only ones in the Columbus, Ohio area, or you'll have one sad Bellom on your hands! ;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What you can do with $25

I tell people I'm "cheap" or "frugal" in truth, we live on a budget.  Some months are lean and some are fruitful but no matter the month I do try to do the most I can with the least possible.  This is evident in our kitchen where I used Goodwill finds and a great Ebay score to make a super cute gallery wall.

Here's the break down.

First off, the square frames are all from Goodwill for $1.00 each.  The vintage egg print in this one was $12.00.  I will admit, I thought that was pricey, but I love all things bird related and thought this would be perfect in my kitchen so I went for it. Using left over paint (FREE) and left over burlap (FREE) I just taped the print down and used the glass from the frame to keep everything in place.  Not bad for $13.00. (Please excuse the reflection, I wasn't about to move the kitchen table to take a picture, I'm not that dedicated of a blogger I suppose.But at least you can see my handmade curtains from Target grain sack dish towels and some seam binding.)
Next up, my Mary Poppins spoon.  I love, love, love Mary Poppins.  You may have picked up on that from my new blog header; Practically IMperfect in Every Way.   I scored this cute spoon on Ebay, in fact it was my first ever Ebay purchase!  I got her for $10.00 including shipping.  Pricey for a little spoon, perhaps, but recently I saw one on Ebay for $50.00.  This frame I purchased awhile back and couldn't figure out what to do with it, so I count it as "free" since I didn't go out and purchase it for this purpose, instead I "shopped" the junk closet for it.  I just used some super glue and some left over (FREE) scrapbook paper as the background.
I felt I "needed" some chalk board in the kitchen, a $1.00 painting from Goodwill was perfect.  I used left over (FREE) chalk board paint and left over (FREE) while paint and here you go!
Lastly, this was a $1.00 mirror from Goodwill.  Using a key that came with the music used in this project, which was bought for another project (so again, I count this as "FREE") I simply glued the music to the mirror and then glued the key to the music.  I didn't intend on distressing this frame but the finish on the wood did not agree with the paint so it bubbled, therefore, distress it!
I don't think that's too bad for $25.00, do you?