Friday, January 14, 2011

Tick tock...glug glug

This clock makes my heart beat fast (that's the glug glug part.)  Sorry, stolen pictures from the net do not transfer well to blogs.

I saw it in Country Living and spontaneously "ohhhhhhh, I want this."   My dear sweet husband endulged me and looked at the picture when I showed it to him but his "uh huh, it's nice" was by no means as enthusiastic as I had wanted.  I am hoping she will be coming home with me this weekend, she would be puuuuuurrrfect in our living room.   I'll let you know (and see) if it does make it home with us!

Here's the info on the clock, just please don't buy the only ones in the Columbus, Ohio area, or you'll have one sad Bellom on your hands! ;)


  1. cool clock! Hope you get it!!

  2. I totally understand the lack of enthusiasm thing. I hate it when my husband doesn't appreciate or get as excited about something as much as I do.

  3. Sounds like my husband, except I get the look like I'm nuts. Until we buy it and then he's all excited about it. Did you see the girl who made one of those - - it doesn't look that hard, if you can paint.

  4. Beth, I added you to my sidebar blogs because I am totally impressed that you bought the dress form at the barn sale. I fell in love with her and her pine bough skirt. Glad she has a good home!