Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm gonna do it. Sometime. Maybe.

I've lusted over open shelving in kitchens before.  But today I got a step closer.  I finally got around to spending a Kohl's gift card from Christmas and got an amazing deal on these lovely Oneida dishes.
These are the Oneida Souffle dishes.  The deal was great, 40 pcs for $59.99 plus my $25 gift card! Granted, I would have really liked to have found enough white vintage dishes to make a full set, but alas, these will do just fine.  Not to mention I have a set of lovely vintage china that I use for holidays and such, they just aren't white.

Now that I have a full matching set instead of two partial sets. (One with blue sponge painted farm animals on them, yes, you read that right. I really can't believe I told you all that, please, don't shun me for having country decor!) I can now proceed with my open shelving. 

My only hurdle is deciding which cabinets to use as shelving.  Should I do this side, the stove side? Sorry awful picture, but it's dreary here today and the pictures just were not coming out well and this was all I have in my files.  There are two equal sized cabinets on each side of the microwave which speaks loudly to my OCD nature of symmetry. 

The draw back for this side of the kitchen is that those cabinets house food and spices/cooking "stuff."  If I put my dishes over here I will then have to put the cooking stuff on the other side of the kitchen.   I suppose this goes to show how lazy I am, I hate the idea of having to turn around and walk 2 steps to get salt and pepper when I'm cooking.  Not to mention if the dishes are on the stove side the grease factor goes up a zillion percent than if the dishes were on the sink side.
Or should I do it on this side, the sink side?  These cabinets, each side of the window, currently house the dishes and glasses so it "makes sense" on this side.  BUT see that blurry white/green thing on the right? That's another cabinet, it's the "junk food" cabinet and I am not sure if it would look right to have four cabinets sans doors and then one with a door.  Because I will tell you now, there is NO WAY that junk food cabinet will ever, ever, ever be obsolete nor will it ever be purdy enough to not have a door.

So, whatcha' think?  Sink side all four doors or sink side, just the two you can see above?  Or are you a stove side sort of person? 

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  1. Hi Beth,

    I definitely vote for open shelving!! I think, it it were me, I would start small with the cabinets where the pig is at and live with it for a while, and then move on to more if you like it!! Nice thing is, you can always put the doors back on if you decide you don't like it!!

    Love the dishes by the way!

    Sorry I haven't written sooner, but we are sick here at the Sassafras house!!