Monday, April 18, 2011

I've fallen and I can't get up.

I've fallen alright, off the face of the bloggy earth.  I'm sure you're all typing your blogger passwords into your computers with bloody stumps since you've been biting your nails in anticipation for my next blog post.  Sarcasm?  Yes.  Bazinga! (10 zillion blog follower points if you can name that tv show.)

I'm sorry but I'm one busy bee.  With working full time and graduate school and internships and husbands and mothers and surgeries and laundry and once in awhile sleep I just haven't had time to do anything.  Well anything fun that is. 

Ok, that is a bold face lie.  I have be doing things I just haven't been able to photograph them and show you.  I did a rather cool bathroom art project (for less than 25 smackaroos) and I've been arranging and rearranging and then getting up at 2am to rearrange again the bookcase I recently got.  Again, no pics.  And, I was the lucky winner of a great blog give away and those pictures are still sitting in my camera. If digital imagines can collect dust these babies have bunnies on them.  I also made a rocking strap cover for my camera.  See, big fat liar, pants on fire.  I have been doing things.

I will do all that I can to get some pictures and a real post for you soon.  I'm off Friday so hopefully I will prioritize my vacation day appropriately and make sure you get a blog post, with pictures I didn't steal from the net.

I also plan on making some of these soon.  I found a bakery in Columbus that makes them, so I can actually taste one before attempting my hand at them.  Ok, that is just fat girl logic to justify eating a cookie.  Works though, don't it?

Just because they are amazing and I felt bad just teasing you with a cookie picture enjoy a couple of pictures of the pups.

Yes, he's about as "simple" as he looks here.  But he's the kindest most loving creature ever.  If he didn't eat his own poo I'd consider going through therapy dog training with him but if you're in need of therapy the last thing you need is a dog kissing you with poo flavored breath.

The best caption I can think of for this picture is "put down the camera and give me the cheese and no one gets hurt."  Lilly Bean has no idea of what "personal space" means.