Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where I'd like to be right now.

There are lots of places I'd like to be right now, most of them include a bed and some quiet.  I'm pooped!  I am currently working full time and doing 16 hours a week of internship in the emergency department of our local hospital.  I"m hoping that when I grow up, or in May of 2012, whichever comes first I'll have my MSW.  Graduate school has been hard but so worth it! (At least that's what I am telling myself.)

But right now, I'd like to be here.  In our spare room, curled up in the sun with the puppies and Eric.

Are you where you want to be right now?

1 comment:

  1. This room looks so inviting and it sure sounds like you could use some well deserved rest.I really like your blog and hope that soon you will have time to curl up in this bed and take a good long nap!!