Sunday, June 20, 2010

My worst fear

For some, their worst fear are;

Not so scary when they're posed all cute and cuddly, eh?
But take a gander at this beast, not so cute is it? That's a massive rat in case you wondered. 
Got a new phobia now dontcha? What's that behind you? I kid, I kid.
Then there are some whose knickers get all soggy at the thought of one of these guys. 

I have to admit for a time I was PETRIFIED of this guy, Pennywise from the movie It, he's the thing that nightmares are made of.

Then there are some (of us) who are morbidly afraid of public humiliation.
 Fergie is not one of those people, obviously.

(She pee's her pants on stage in case you weren't in the know.)

Then there are some of us who have fears of things people may consider irrational. One of mine is the fear of:

What, you think they don't exist? You've obviously never spent any time on the OSU campus.  When the zombie apocalypse occurs you'll wish you had listened to me.
Start storing water, food, back issues of Martha Stewart mags and flame throwers now.

But seriously, we all have fears, some worse than others.  My worst fear is one of the most hideous, frightening, gut wrenching, pants peeing, nightmare inducing, "I want my mommy" experience ever.  I had to face my greatest fear this weekend.  It was awful, I'm still recovering. In fact, it's so awful I can't even type it, so here's a picture for you.  Be brave.  Call for an adult if you must.


I'm sorry, I thought I was more prepared for that than I was.  Ok, I'll be strong.  Yes, I'm petrified of buying furniture.  It only took 3 days, 10 stores, 2 fights, a few tears, 2 dinners at Chipotle and a pair of big girl panties but yes, I finally made a choice and we bought a couch for the den.  It won't be here until Tuesday and I hate it already.  Ok, I don't hate it.  I just worry I made the wrong choice and in a month we'll hate it, our house will begin to crumble around it, the dogs will ask to live at Memaw's house and our families will disown us. While we paid a decent chunk of cha-ching for it, it's not like we have to own it forever. I had already planned on making a slipcover for it, so even if the color is awful I'll live. It's just so scary to buy such a big item and know there is no going back. 

When I buy a table or a lamp or a do-dad I never pay much and usually have a back up plan for it in case my initial idea for it's use isn't all it's cracked up to be. This, this my dears, there's no do overs.  You're stuck, s.o.l, up the creek, in knee deep, married to it, matching burial plots kind of stuff.

Not to mention that EVERY set of furniture I've ever purchased, I've hated. The color, the style, the comfort level, the fabric the list can go on and on.  The above couch is the actual couch we bought.  Sort of actually, the one we got has 3 cushions but there wasn't a picture of it online. It's a bit more modern that I wanted but everything that has arms was also double our price range and came in hideous fabrics.  This is a nice grey brown tweed that I think will look great in the den AND it's easy lines will be of great help when I go to making a white slipcover for it. Yep, I bought a new couch just to one day in the near future slipcover it.

Do you have any idea how expensive a white couch is to buy? It was much more affordable to buy a couch we liked "naked" and if I get around to making a slip for it, great, until then we can enjoy it in it's original form.

I hope.

I want my mom.
And a cookie. 

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