Thursday, June 3, 2010

You did what? With what? Ideas for Creation

There are few things that thrill me as much as creating something out of something else. Take for example my recent locker basket into pendant lamp project. How do I come up with those ideas, I dunno, it just hits me. Sometimes these ideas end up like I was hit with a bad burrito, but then other times it ends up being MAH-VALOUS!

If you haven't found yet, then you need to go check it out. Wait, not yet, after you finish reading this post though please. I love going through the items on Etsy and trying to think of things to do with them. Which gave me an idea!

Sadly my accountant (E) frowns upon me being EVERYTHING I find exciting and full of potential so to avoid stifling my creativity like telling a 3 year old not to color outside of the lines I thought I would show you, my dear 10 readers what you could do with the many treasures available on Etsy. So today begins a series here on Everyday Life of Bellom; Ideas for Creation.

Take these fantabulous hooks for example.

Would these not be amazing as coat hooks? What about as towel hooks in an all white bathroom?

My first thought was they would be awesome curtain brackets!! Use a dowel painted black with some wispy white curtains, and just plop that dowel on those hooks, amazing!

How about using them as hooks for outside hanging baskets, SO much better than boring wrought iron scroll ones you grab at Home Depot.

OR, attach the hook to the ceiling and use it to hang a chandelier. This would be especially helpful for the plug in "lamp" chandeliers that I've seen a lot of lately.

The Etsy seller suggested using them as shelf brackets (love it) or just as visual candy as decorations on a shelf or as part of a mantle tableau.

Are you in love with these yet? You wanna buy them? You love them and wanna marry them? If you do, here, go for it baby! One condition. If you buy them, you MUST send me pictures of how you used them! Oh, and please, don't paint them. Please. Thank you for your cooperation.

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  1. I love your blog and just made my way over from Beth's place. And the basket chandelier is so charming....great idea! Come for a visit when you have time. Miles of Smiles ~ Lynn