Monday, June 7, 2010

Stair way to heaven. They really are, they lead to the kitchen!

While most of the "stuff" in our house is there because I love it or it "went" with the house there are times I do something and wonder if I'm way off base. For example the den steps. I recently painted all the knotty pine in the den as well as painting the steps. The steps needed something. I toyed with doing a decorative paint treatment such as;

Yeah, that's a bit more than I could ever do but it looks amazing doesn't it? Even better that it's simple black and white but yet so much to look at!

I also stayed away from decorative painting due to the dogs, I knew I'd be touching it up all the time. I ended up painting the risers the wall color and the treads a rich chocolate brown. While it looked SO much better than before it was rather boring.

Here's my assistant Lilly Bean on the steps before paint. Actually I'm in the process of painting them here, she was making sure I did it right.

Here are the steps after painting them. SO much better but yet so..... BORING!

Wanna see Lilly's reaction to the boring steps?

Here it is...herumpfh that's puppy talk for "eh."

Lilly's opinion mattered and she was right, something had to be done to the risers, just way too much white. I came up with numbers, simple, rustic character, cheap. I hit up my Uppercase Living hook up Nancy and set to ordering the numbers. (If you haven't heard of or used Uppercase Living your life is suffering and you need to order something. Also, if you're at all OCD like I am you'll really love the application process, picking, peeling, centering, it's an OCD dream come true!)

Here are the steps after the addition of the numbers. I wasn't sure. I mean really do you need to know how many steps there are? I just kept thinking "this is odd," "people are really going to wonder about this one." Oh well, I like it and that's what matters right? You're supposed to say "right" here. Thank you. You also want me to stop talking so you can see the picture with the numbers don't you? Yeah, I thought so.

While it's not a HUGE difference, it's something and it gives the steps character.

I will admit to sitting and staring at the stairs wondering if I was crazy, if I wasted $17.00 on numbers, if people would think I was insane in the membrane. Then I saw this!

Those my darlings are the steps in Sarah Richardson's most current reno. Did I just hear you say Sarah who? Don't make me smack you around and make you watch HGTV, I'll do it. Sarah is the host of Sarah's House. Go. Watch. NOW.

I felt vindication. My idea wasn't so outrageous afterall! Yeah, yeah, her's ROCK and mine are still a bit "eh" but my idea wasn't that crazy afterall! See I could have an HGTV show too! Maybe. Ok. Fine. Maybe not.

I'm glad I have at least one fan, Lilly Bean had the following to say about momma's numbered steps.

That's puppy speak for "those are awesome!" She did patoot right after this, so maybe she wasn't so impressed afterall.


  1. Very nice, the numbers add character! I've seem them with some of the numbers "aged" and a bit of shadowing painted around some of the numbers to add variance. But hey why mess with a good thing!

    Hmm, I wonder if Sarah's House is available on the internet. We don't have any T.V. reception so we haven't seen a "current" show in 5 years. I do miss some shows but not enough to pay for it.. :)

  2. I believe when I was looking at her site it had a button that said "watch episodes."

    You might be able to find them on youtube as well! While she has an insane budget, $700,000 just for renovations, she has great ideas that can easily be made cheaper!

  3. Love the numbers, love Lilly Bean's reactions even better!

    My stairs aren't even house...finished stairs...highly overrated!

    You have given me some creativity to cackle about! Now, to see how the rooster likes it..could be a chicken fight in the making....


  4. Sandy, sometimes the Rooster has to be reminded who lays the eggs around here. Ok, that analogy worked better in my head!