Sunday, June 6, 2010

I already broke a promise to you.

Well ain't this blog thing going just great? I've already disappointed you. I said I would provide you with ball pictures and in all the dither and excitement I forgot to take some!

Are you thinking, did she say ball pictures? Uh what?

You see I volunteered, actually got roped into, making cake balls and cinnamon rolls for a bake sale to benefit local children with Down Syndrome. Really, how could I say no? Considering the bake sale fell during finals week, saying no would have been smart, not easy, but smart.

It all worked out though, and the buckets of rain that followed us to the drop off thankfully dried up as we were getting out of the car with balls in tow.

Here are some past cake ball pictures for you to enjoy though.

Are you wondering what cake balls are yet? Well they are DELICIOUS! While they can be time consuming they are very easy. If you want to know more check out where I stole the idea from; Bakerella.

WHAT? You haven't met Bakerella??? I have a serious blog crush on her. I'm a little embarassed about how much I enjoy just looking at her blog......cakes and cookies oh my!

Check out her work, have a snack first, you'll need it.

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