Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goodwill GOLD

I attended a Christian college so I vividly remember this Bible verse;

"The Lord speaketh to thee, He said, go thee, thrify shopper and shopest at thy Goodwill. Thee will findeth good deals, odd people, and while thee may smell oddly upon thee's return to your abode thy travels will be worth it."

Blasphemy, ain't it?

"I'm sorry Lord and thank you for blessing me and please continue to supply me with inspiration, perspiration (check) and good deals at Goodwill. Amen. Oh, if you could also please help me find a cheap, working fridge for the garage, I'd be mighty appreciative. Ok, amen."

Still with me? Good!

Here's a little buildup to my Goodwill gold.

Hmmmm, where to start....cloche, that's a good place. I'm glad I can spell that word because I can never pronounce it. If you're wondering, they are glass domes and I lurve them! Here's one I have in the kitchen with a little robin's nest under it

Let me tell you, these things are CHA-CHING-CHA-CHING! I'm always shocked at how expensive they are. I found the above at The Olde Shoe Factory in Lancaster (you MUST go if you haven't been) for $5.00 I believe. Killer dealio my darlings, killer!
Another thing I love, stuff on pedestals.
                                                            photo Country Living
Don't you just love that? Makes you want it to be fall doesn't it? Thought so. It's the power of the pedestal.

So, what happens when a cloche and a pedestal get all lovey dovey and have a baby?

What did you say? Did you ask what that is? Well my loves, it's Goodwill GOLD! The above is made from a cheese plate and a candle stick. Really? You don't believe me? Look for yourself.

Yep, just a little Gorilla glue and weighted down with a can of veggies a coat of primer and paint and you get a sweet little cloche pedestal. What is under the glass? Well that's an oddity that I just adore, a weathered turtle shell. While I'm sad that a turtle met his maker I appreciate it happened in our backyard and that I got to keep the shell! Granted I had to pick it up and clean it off since E was afraid to touch it. He can't be all tough and manly all the time.
The even better part? Minus spray paint and primer (which I already had) this little baby only cost me $5.00 for both the cheese dome and the candle stick. Wanna know an even better deal?? I just found another dome and a taller candle stick on a return visit to Goodwill and they both together only cost me $3.00!!! I can't wait to make a white pedestal for the kitchen!!! Yes, yes I'll show you when I'm done!


  1. I am still your prayers and cloche finds! Way to go! Sadly, I was in a hurry today and had to pass by the GW on my way home without stopping...sniff...sniff. But tomorrow's another day. :) Have a super great weekend.

  2. I blame it on the car, she wants to go to Goodwill, I just follow. ;)

  3. You gotta love GW and an awesome find! Great idea. I also love cloches and pedestals.Cute post! ~Cheers Kim

  4. Love this idea!
    Thriftiness + Craftiness = Awesome!