Friday, June 25, 2010

Look cute and help at the same time!

I stumbled across a blog the other day that broke my heart. In This Wonderful Life is the story of the short life of Cohen Marshall.  Cohen was born with a laundry list of heart defects and while he fought a brave fight the Lord called him home just weeks after being born.  In my job I see the injustice that children must endure and it changes you.  Sadly, at times it makes you feel less, do less, care less. 

Cohen's story awoke a fire in me that I thought had long been extinguished.  A fire that now burns brightly and hopefully will be a beacon to others.  While I cannot stop the pain that some children and parents must endure I will do what I can to help ease that pain in any way.

The way I chose to ease Brent and Megan, Cohen's parents pain was to donate through a purchase at Stella and Dot.  It was actually very selfish of me.  I had been admiring some items for a time now but when I found out that my purchase would benefit the Marshall family I grabbed my debit card there was no looking back.

A consultant for Stella and Dot has agreed to donate a proceed of all purchases made in Cohen's name until July 6th so if you'd like to order (once you see their products, you'll want to, trust me) follow the instructions found here to make sure your purchase goes towards Cohen's account.

I just checked my tracking number for my order and it should be here in the next day or two and once it's here I'll be sure to show you I cannot wait to get it! My purchase while something I've been wanting represents much more to me than just being cute jewelry, perhaps I'll share that one day. 

Until then, go shop and maybe you'll change someones world.

And, remember what Ghandi said; "we must be the change we want to see in the world."

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