Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wish List

Let's just get this out there; I have expensive taste.  I can walk into any store and instantly be drawn to the most expensive item in the joint.  It's a screwed up talent I tell you. Now, it wouldn't be such a pain if I had the cha-ching to back it up but alas, I don't.  Instead I keep mental and now blogal (new word, like it, love it, feel free to use it) lists of things I'll buy the instant I win the lotto.  Here are a few of the things on my list.

The current number one spot goes to the factory cart table at Restoration Hardware.  For a measly $895.00 this baby can be mine, mine, MINE.   Ain't she loverly?
I happened to find one on Etsy but alas, she's pricey as well and weighing in at 175 pounds I can only imagine the shipping costs.

Perhaps along with my grand taste I have grand ideas as I'm pretty sure I could make this table.  All I need is some wood and some great cast iron wheels and taaaaaaaa-daaaaaaaaaaaaa I'd have a factory cart table.  Sounds so easy doesn't it?

I'll let you know how it goes if I can ever come across the supplies.  If any of you darlings have any ideas where to find such wheels and such please share!

I stumbled upon these lights on The Old Painted Cottage and fell in LURVE.
(The Old Painted Cottage also have the above coffee table, envy them I know I do.)

These were made for our den. The price was not made for my budget coming in at a jaw dropping $78.19, each. They are outdoor lights but I just love the warmth of the coppery finish and the vintage bubbly glass globes give it so much character. I think these would be adorable flanking a
chunky framed mirror or a great painting. 

Speaking of lights I have been looking for a chandelier for the upcoming laundry room renovation and so far, I have realized that I will need to really start saving or sell an organ on the black market to ever afford the kind of chandy I would like to see in that room.  Such as this beauty ringing in at $229.00.

I could easily write a years worth of posts just about the things I would someday like to own from Pottery Barn. Today I'll just drool over one thing, OK maybe two.  My ultimate purchase with my someday newly won lottery money will be the following sofa. It is the thing that dreams are made of.

Can you imagine coming home to that handsome wonder everyday?
Hello lover, momma's home.

Gets me all a dither just thinking about it!
The $2, 199.00 price tag, that doesn't get me a dither. At all.

For my last wish I again turn to Pottery Barn.  I am CONVINCED I can replicate this dreamy item, and I do plan on at least trying. I cannot justify spending $49.99 on it.

I need this pillow.  I won't be able to go on without it.
Ok, maybe I can. If I got that coffee table I could go on for sure.

Anyone need a kidney?


  1. I love your expensive taste, just figure out a way to have the look a little less spendy!! Lezlee

  2. Those are all lovely items!! I'll be dreaming with you. :) I saw someone on a blog replicate that pillow to a T, but I can't remember who!! You can totally do it though. :)

  3. I also saw that pillow recreated, but the one I saw she had used her fancy-schmancy embroidery machine and alas, I only have my $119.00 Singer. I will have to rely on paint, blood, sweat and maybe some cuss words.

  4. G'day~I know what you mean, I am the same way I can find the most costly item in the store and fall in Love what is it!

    The table is great but I also think you need a large room for it.I did see it at theoldpaintedcottage and love her house I just think it looks a lil big.Though I think you could make one and make it a lil smaller it would be awesome!

    Now for the Pottery Barn Sofa I have 2 and found them on craigslist as well as a chair.You also can find new slipcovers on Ebay at a good price and sell the other if you don't like.

    I love the light as well and I am sure you could make the pillow.Great taste my dear love it all.

    Dream on, Dream on ~Cheers Kim

  5. I love dreamin'...even if it is with rose colored glasses. We all need them from time to time...don't ya think?

    The pillow? Gotta have it! I am the Farmhouse Chicks...gotta have it!!!

    I concur about the sofa...craigs list is best..and ebay is great for the covers! Lookin' to order mine soon...in pink!

    And blogal....my new word too! :)



  6. I actually found that sofa on CL, went and saw it and just wasn't "sold" on it. It was super small. I think it was the Ektorp from Ikea and they were trying to pawn it off as PB. IF it was PB it was a good deal at 375, even with it's bumps and dings.

  7. I can't remember if it is Becky at Infarrantly Thrifty or Sarah at Thrifty Chick decor who made the pillow but I've seen it. In all honesty my cousin made one that is TOO DIE for... She bought her fabric at Joanne Fabrics w/ a 40% off coupon, fabric paint at Hobby Lobby (50% off coupon), and the pillow form from Goodwill (50% off because it was that week's mark down color, HIDEOUS pillow!!) (I used my handy dandy yard sale computer iron on transfer paper on mine... gave it away w/o pictures, duhhhh!)

    Hope this helps!!

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