Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Vintage Exchange

From dream to reality, The Vintage Exchange is born.

Wow, that makes it sound so much more amazing that it really is.

Here are the W's for you...

What is it? 
Well a few weeks ago I was talking to Lisa from Urban Farmhouse and Polly from Sassafras Stuff and we discussed how it would be great to have some sort of vintage Craigslist for those of us in the central Ohio area.  I had been looking for a little vintage ladder for my living room and just happened to comment about it on Lisa's blog.  Polly saw it and said "hey toots, I got you a ladder" (Ok, she didn't say toots) but anyways, the idea was born (and I got my ladder.)

So what's this thingy do?

The list would be to help us find things we were looking for, sell/trade things we wanted to get rid of.

In trying to find ways to build such a site where members could post without passwords to blogs, etc I came up with starting a yahoo group.  This way once you're a member you may post your wants, get-rid-of's, or "hey, if you see a....would you let me know's."

I am not a good name-maker-upper so, The Vintage Exchange is as good as it gets. 

Who can join?
Anyone really, but primarily for those of us in the Central Ohio/Columbus area.  Feel free to join even if you're not from Ohio, but realize unless you'll have to have a seller willing to ship and you be willing to pay shipping if you find something you just can't live without!

Where do I go to join?

I hope to see lots of posts and lots of goodies finding new homes!

If you have any questions, hit me up at everydaybelllom@yahoo.com

Also, feel free to share the link to group with other bloggers, friends, shop owners, etc.  The more who know the more treasures we'll find!


  1. What's super funny is that I ALWAYS call people "toots"....boy or girl, young or old - it's a term of endearment that I use ALL THE TIME!!! Isn't that funny!!!!

    Love this idea!!! Thanks so much for setting it up!!!!

  2. Hi Beth, Just wanted to check in and see if you are feeling better? Hope so!!

    Hope you are having a good week!


  3. I am feeling better, thank you!!

    I think the hubby is getting it though, so I'm sure to experience some pain from that.

    Hope you have a good week too!

  4. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Heading over to join!