Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Become a card carrying member.

I am looking into getting business cards for my blog which will be going high-tech soon!  Eric is buying me my very own website to house ELOB!  Until then I wanted to get some cards to hand out when I'm out and about at shops and maybe to litter them about the upcoming Country Living Fair.  Some of them might end up taped to mirrors in the bathroom at Finders Keepers and Joann Fabrics, you never know. 

I don't want to go all out until the new website is designed in an effort to match the card to the site so these will "do for now."  But, I can't decide.  Even though I know these are temporary I'm having a tough time deciding so please, help me!

Leave a comment stating the letter that corresponds with the design (or designs) you like.  If you have input, suggestions or know someone who does website design, feel free to leave that too! 

Edited to add: In making the pics extra large it screws up the layout of the blog, I apologize but I wanted you to be able to see the cards.  I'm sure this doesn't bother you as much as it bothers me though.

Edited to add again: Card A and E are the same.  I just realized this.  I am too lazy to go and change it and I'm not sure why I felt the need to tell you something you've most likely already realized.  Ok, I'm putting my OCD head to bed!


  1. I like b or c the best! Lezlee

  2. A and D are my favorites! I really like that they are vertical. This makes them stand out, which I think will get you more of a "wow" factor. Although, I like the slogan "there's beauty in everything" better than "everything has beauty" Sorry, that probably made it even more tough to decide!

  3. I appreciate the input, and I like everything has beauty better as well!

    Thank you!