Monday, September 20, 2010

A dandy chandy

I have started the laundry room revamp....dun..dun...dun..dun....dunnnnnnnn

I forgot how much I hate priming, then painting.  I hate it so much I started priming, got 1/2 way through and haven't picked up a paint brush since. 

I have to get my rear in gear though as tonight I'm going to buy our new front load washer and dryer.

Be still my heart.  I have wanted these forever.  Is it inappropriate to lay awake at night thinking about an appliance?


I scored a rockin' deal on the perfect little chandelier this weekend for the laundry room but I'm at a crossroads on what color to paint it.

My lazy butt hasn't taken before pictures of the chandy yet, so here are some pics of ones somewhat like it from Ebay.

Mine is a three arm and it's currently just silver/rust colored. 

My quandary (ain't that a great word?) is what color to paint it.  Let me give you a run down of how the laundry room is set up.  The top half of the wall is paneling and will be painted in Glidden's Muslin White while the bottom of the wall is dry wall and will be painted Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.

Muslin White on the left, Sea Salt on the right.  Disclaimer, these colors aren't really "real life" to me, the Muslin White is much lighter, just barely an off white.  The Sea Salt is a moody, green-blue, this just looks brown.

The bottom colors, are what Sherwin Williams has as complimentary colors for the Sea Salt.  I was thinking of going with one of those as the chandelier color.  Right now, I'm not loving any of those suggestions and I'm leaning towards turquoise.  Why?  I love it and I think it would play nicely with the Sea Salt (the real color that is.)  Not to mention it's a great laundry room color and would tie in the den color scheme since the laundry room is off the den.

Here's a picture from The Lettered Cottage.  Layla (whom I adore) has used Sea Salt quite a bit in her home, here it looks like a clean but moody blue.  Nothing at all like the above sample is it?

My initial idea for the chandy was white, but with a true white ceiling and the barely off white of the Muslin White I worried it would look weird and I want a punch of color. 

So, what do you all think?  Turquoise, white, yellow? I did think a bright shiny yellow would be fun as well, but there's NO other yellow in that area of the house, I worry it would stick out in a bad way.

What about silver?

Ohhhh, a dark moody grey?
Maybe like this.

Ugh, I have no idea.  I need your input!!


  1. Oh Beth, those italian tole chandeliers are getting so hard to find, and when you do, they are EXPENSIVE!! Lucky girl!!

    Is it possible to leave it as is? You said it's silver and rust....sounds like a pretty nice combination to me!

    I also love your idea to paint it bright yellow....that would add a nice and unexpected modern touch to your space!!!

    Great find!!


  2. Polly, I'll have to post pictures. It's not what I would call a "nice patina" it's more of a "ew, that's old" look.

    While I think it was initially meant to be silver it's beginning to oxidize and look a little brassy.

    I did think about dry painting/rubbing it with some ORB to give it some dimension and cover some of the brassy color.

    (I got am embarassingly good deal. The original CL post was for $125, I paid less than half!)

  3. If you want a punch of color orange looks really fresh with turquoise. Or what about a flat black and have it look like wrought iron - make a creamy white chain cover.