Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kitschy Kitchen

I'm often adding "kitsh" to the kitchen but a few of the newest additions have been under some harsh scrutiny.

The first oddity was a divine silver bell I found at Marshall's. (I HEART Marshall's. Like carve our initial in a tree, matching BFF heart necklace wearing love.) Of course the E in Bellom wasn't as overjoyed with this find as I was, Llom couldn't care less. For a measly $14.99 she was mine. It wasn't until a few days later that I saw I was not the only one crazy for the clank of that beautiful bell when I saw a post on The Lettered Cottage about said bell and another doubtful husband. This only confirmed my suspicion that Layla and I are long lost sisters. (Isn't that what all internet stalkers say though?) You can ring, er see, Layla's bell here. Be warned, it's amazing!

The bell to me is just a lovely chunk of eye candy but it does work and I have tried to train L & O to come back in from frolicing in the yard at the sound of it's ear splitting clang to no avail. So to prevent the heat, the fuzz, the 5-O from being called due to excessive bell ringing it is just for looks.

See the bell to the right of the door?

You may also notice the new pendant lamp in the above picture. It has gotten some really negative reviews. I posted pictures of it on Woofboard (a Boston Terrier forum) and out of 30 or so comments only 2-3 were positive. One woman even said it looked like a hampster cage. I've never seen such a divine hampster cage.

I will say at first I wasn't over the moon with it but you have to live with a change for awhile to know for sure if it's love or hate. It's funny, but seeing these pictures made me fall in love with it. What is it you may ask? It's a vintage locker basket and a reproduction vintage light bulb. I removed the yawn inducing builders grade frosted glass (gag) shade and used the existing hardware. I fashioned a hole in the basket and walllllll-laaaaa!

I love the glow from the reproduction vintage lightbulb and the stainless look of the basket picks up the metal of the bell and the sink. I love it, no, I LURVE it and honestly, I don't give a pickle about what anyone else thinks. Decorating, just like life, is about doing what you love and I love it!

Here's a close up.

Another "oddity" I found was one of my childhood (ok, adulthood as well) obessions; Mary Poppins. I was blog surfing one day and stumbled upon a post where a woman found a Mary Poppins spoon at Goodwill. Now, I have found some fantastical things at Goodwill but never a Mary Poppins spoon, what's a girl to do? Yep, check Ebay! I found one and within two days it was mine. Now that I had it I was a bit perplexed about what to do with it.

Put in a magnificent vintage cup? Display in the cabinet in the kitchen? I just knew I wanted it to be seen. I decided to frame it. I found a black $2.00 frame at Joann fabrics and primed and painted it white, used some left over scrapbook paper as a background and some glue and ta....da.....

So what kitchy, marvelous, or not so great things have you done to your kitchen?

UPDATE: I sent pictures of the shade transformation to Young House Love and got a response email from Sherry. Seriously, this to me is like meeting a celeb! I about piddled down my leg when I got the email and I plan on printing it out and framing it, seriously.


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than my attempt in the store! I need to put a picture of yours next to the locker basket full of reproduction antique light bulbs, that way every one will want one! Thank you for your creativity and for sharing!

  2. There was nothing wrong with your attempt, it gave me inspiration!

  3. I love this light...the fact that you made it yourself is the cherry on top!!! I am so gonna make one of these for my kitchen sink!

    I'm so glad I found your awesome blog via Urban Farmhouse! xoxo Beth (I'm an Elizabeth)

  4. Where did you get your reproduction antique light bulbs? I soooooooo love them! OUr house is new, think modular built 12 years ago, but tiny. So I have decided to do a cottage look. I mean if you live in a "cottage" why not make it look like a cottage, well sorta cause I really like non-cottagey stuff too!!

    I will have to keep checking back... now if only I wasn't neglecting my blog. (hopefully that will change here soon!!)

  5. Peggy, I got the bulb at Lisa's shop, Urban Farmhouse. Check her blog out for other "ta die for" things, you won't stop at just a light bulb!

  6. Well I LURVE your light as well, if that makes you feel any better! I just popped over from the Shabby Nest party to check it out, and let me tell you, your blog is hilarious! Love your writing style, you've got a great sense of humor! Great work all around : )

  7. I am so sorry to hear that some many people think that they know how to decorate your house! I hate when that happens! I think that it is really cool.

  8. I had emailed them to tell them how inspiring they were and I started my own DIY blog for renters! And I was SO STARSTRUCK when Sherry emailed me back! I heart them. And I also heart your bell, MP spoon AND that shade of yours!! :)

  9. I, for one, love the light fixture. You really thought outside the box and it works for me! I so agree that you need to decorate with what you love and not worry about what others think.

  10. Indeed....I'm with Jane....I think your light looks GREAT & as a matter of fact....I bought three crinkly wire baskets at Junk Bonanza recently & have been WONDERING how I could TOTALLY re-purpose them....You've given me a GREAT idea so THANK YOU for the inspiration....!!

    Hope you have a GLORIOUSLY relaxing weekend....!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  11. I think your locker basket light is divine!!

  12. Oh...I agree with Jane, love it and how your mind works!!!

  13. Fun and I love your attitude..."I don't care a pickle what anyone else thinks." That, to me, is the foundation of all decorating. Ha!

  14. That is a seriously cool light! Drew me right in! Just goes to show, we're entitled to what we love. And we all know something shows much differently in our homes than on a picture anyway.

    KUDOS for trying out something new and sticking with it because YOU love it! How would I know about that?!? :)

    (I really really like it!!)


  15. I popped over from funky junk interiors, and I love your blog, and that light. So great. I am your newest follower, Thanks for the inspirtaion.

  16. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the light fixture! such an industrial twist to your kitchen lighting. and i love the repro light bulb too.
    found you via funky junk donna copy me challenge

  17. I LOVE your little basket on the light bulb!! Don't listen to em!! And I love the young house love comment at the had me rolling in laughter!!

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