Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's taken a year...but we're baaaaccccckkkkkkk!

If the attention or inattention to this blog is any indication that winter was busy between working full time and graduate school. In fact it was project quiet as well. Never fear, spring is here and oh so much has/will be done!!

I have a handful of blogs I follow and I envy their inspiration, motivation, finacialation but I'll do my best to inspire, motivate and well you're on your own for the financing part.

Here's a little list of upcoming projects to hopefully keep you interested.

the reveal of the den overhaul, no demo but lots of paint, lots and lots of paint
a new decorative front porch and sidewalk (which I have nothing to do with besides writing the check, but it's an exciting home improvement)
upstairs bath repaint
laundry room overhaul
kitchen screen door instal
lots of other things I haven't conjured up yet

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