Monday, August 23, 2010

Enough Waiting

I'm sure you've all been waiting with bated breath to find out what I did with that pile of driftwood.  Even if not, I'm going to pretend you were.  Makes me feel good about myself. Some people drink. I prefer delusions.  I'm rambling, sorry. 

On a recent trip to Urban Farmhouse I came across absolutely fantabulous driftwood garlands. I had to have it.  I love the rustic look, the individualism of the wood, like snowflakes, no two chunks are alike.

Once I got the garland home I wasn't sure what to do with it.

At first I thought I would use as a garland across the bookcase in the den.  Ew.

Then I thought I'd put it in a bowl with a candle in the middle.  Eh.

Tried it as a runner down the middle of the dresser in the den.  Yuck.

I was stumped. Get it, wood...stumped.  I kill myself.

I was upset to say the least.  I had this great garland and nothing to do with it.

The DIY Fairy came down and bonked me in the head and it came to me...a wreath.  

I started with a medium foam wreath form, some left over muslin and the driftwood. 

Startling confession: I had to buy a hot glue gun for this project.  Yes, that's right, I call myself a DIY blogger and I didn't even own a hot glue gun! Blasphemy, I know.

Here's how it went down.

The garland.  And, my kitchen is not The Exorcist vomit green, it's the photo affect I used. If you can't tell I'm trying to get my money's worth out of DSLR camera and not just be a lazy blogger and rely on my Blackberry for the pictures. Now, to sell an organ or two to buy Photoshop and not just use free online programs that make your kitchen paint look like something LLOM would hork up in the bed at 3am.

I digress.

Where were we....

My heart hurt a bit to cut it up. But I did it. I'm brave like that.

I was amazed at how many chunks I had to work with.
I cut strips of the muslin and hot glued it and wrapped it around the form.  Please excuse the mess in the background but it's vital DIY gear; iPod Touch, rubber mallet and Modge Podge. I'll show you what I used the MP on soon. 
I just went with it and started gluing.  I put them on the top, then around the outside.  Once I had most of the wreath covered I started layering. There isn't really a science to it, just glue, stick, glue, stick, etc. I used all but maybe 5 or so pieces of the garland.  I'm sure I could have found places for them but I felt like it was "finished" how it was.  I did think it needed....hmmmm...something. I found a starfish and personally, I think it "makes it."

The finished product.

I lurve how it looks against the painted pine in the den. 
So beachy! Can you hear the ocean? Yeah I can't either, but I still love it.

If you want your own driftwood garland head over to Urban Farmhouse.  Lisa will ship one to you! (After you pay for it of course!)


  1. That is very cute Beth! I would never have thought of it! I do love the weathered look of driftwood!

  2. I love this wreath, what a great idea! And as far as the pictures, I think they're wonderful. I too have a DSLR and felt that I must have photoshop to "enhance" the experience. Although, once I tried to learn how to use it, that was a different story. Then I found Picnik. It is an online photo editing program that is super easy to use and has so many fabulous features that any blog would appreciate. You might want to check it out while you mull over photoshop...

  3. Picnik is actually what I've been using. For some reason even when I use the same things they all come out looking different! I'm pretty sure it's all user error. lol

  4. I. LOVE. THIS. you are so talented! great work!

  5. Hi Beth....Just wanted to stop over and let you know I got your message about the ladder I painted grey. I would be happy to send you a photo if you want. I won't be taking it in to the shop until Tuesday, September 7th! Didn't want you to make a special trip and it's not there!!! Thanks for your comments about my new tables! They make me happy!

  6. Beth, I think that is a great find and make! Hot glue makes all things better...even if you have to go out and buy the gun! The starfish "makes" it definitely...hear the ocean? I do...I always do...just kinda romantic that way. *grin*:)