Friday, June 12, 2009

Virginal Voyage

I succumbed. I caved. I surrendered. As E would say, "resistance was futile." I am one of "them." My name can be written in the annals of the Internet. I, Beth Rutter, am a blogger.

I had entertained the idea of blogging before, I mean come on, EVERYONE is doing it. I had Myspaced for years which I wasn't impressed with. Then again since I'm not 17 and looking for a start to my online porn career I don't think Myspace was space.

I think I can blame my fall on two things; shopping and Facebook. We'll take shopping first. I was shopping today (spoiler alert; this blog will often revolve around this topic) and while I was at my new found panty wetting mecca of all things gorgeous and over priced I realized that I really had no one to share in my delight. E of course was there but he doesn't get all verklempt over such things as I do. "Yeah, pillows, uh huh." Seriously, can you see why I need an outlet?

Now on to Facebook's part in this perversion. I can find ways to blame my devious acts on specific people or I can just say one simple phrase. "Everyone else has one!" So in a moment that even Veruca Salt would be proud of, I wanted a blog and I wanted it now and here it is!

Ladies and gentlemen I will try to entertain you as well I can. I can't promise you'll laugh, or cry, or be enlightened but I'm pretty sure along the way I'll offend someone. It may just be you.




  1. Welcome! We were laughing our rears off at the description of Mikki, whon you know Aunt Sharon and Uncle Kip love unconditionally! We can't wait to read more!

  2. I'm already intrigued and slightly entertained! keep it coming.