Friday, December 31, 2010

Is it too late for some Christmas trees and such?

For those of you who are suffering from Christmas postpartum as I am, enjoy some pictures of our trees and such. 

The den tree.  Most likely her last year.  Thanks to a curious cat she was knocked over and her base is less than sturdy.  Den Tree 2.0 will likely have a "nature" theme next year.

Even the animals have a tree.  There are mini pet theme ornaments on this little one.

Yes, even the laundry room got a tree this year.  She's wearing miniature French post cards. 

Claudia in the living room.

She's just so pretty.  The pine will likely get replaced with peacock feathers when she takes up residence in my office.

Goodwill frame, discount letters glittered in Martha's amazing glitter and some vintage and sparkly Christmas decor for about $2.00!

Living room tree.  All our favorite "traditional" ornaments.  Some for E's childhood, some from mine and some we've gotten since we've been married.  Of course a bunch of Boston Terrier ornaments as well!

Chalkboard paint.  I love you.
I made the JOY banner out of vintage music and left over paper and glitter, love it.

And, now my "me cave" aka my office.  I am just going to give you a teaser, so watch for a post more about this room and it's recent transformation!

I hope you all had magical Christmas' and blessed New Years!


  1. It all looks fabulous! Happy New Year, may you have a smashing good time.~Cheers Kim

  2. I am so happy to see where she ended up!!!!! She looks lovely in her new home!! Hope you had a wonderful Holiday!
    Happy New Year!!