Friday, July 3, 2009

I still have 174 days, don't rush me

While E and I were out shopping, lunching, enjoying each other I got the wild idea to find some vintage flags to put in the flower urns to celebrate the 4th. Today is the 3rd, not a good day to begin decorating for the 4th. After 3 stores of nada I gave up. I couldn't even find small fabric flags that I could have made "vintage" by soaking in coffee or tea! (I did have a moment of fear that forcing a vintage patina on Old Glory would be a heinous act against American freedom. Then I realized that even those who are conservative about such things would allow such an act in the pursuit of cuteness.) Please pretend this is nestled in with my already patriotic red geraniums, waving gently in the warm charcoal scented July breeze. I give you my word as the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air gives proof that I will shop earlier next year.

During my flag pilgrimage I stopped at Hobby Lobby. I checked and double checked the summer holiday flags. As I was leaving I thought I should check a few of the other aisles. As I started deeper into the store I started to notice a theme. Lots of red, green, silver, gold objects; candles, wreaths, place mats. As I turned the corner past the autumn decor I saw something horrific, mind boggling, heart breaking, down right disgusting....prepare yourself...I saw...oh the horror....there they were...gasp....CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS everywhere.
You're checking the calendar aren't you? Yes, you're right it's only July 3rd. There are still 174 days until Christmas yet Hobby Lobby has 5 aisles FULL of bulbs, trees, skirts, and tons of Santa themed hoo hah. Now I love Christmas as much as everyone else. I like decorating for Christmas most likely more than everyone else but even I feel that shopping for Christmas decorations in July is a bit much. I still have 6 months, don't rush me. What happened to enjoying the lazy days of summer, the crisp evenings of fall and the anticipation of Christmas magic? Has the joy of the season really become second to getting a good deal on a wreath you buy in July? I just think there is something fundamentally wrong with shopping for a Christmas tree in capris, in July.
Ok ok, part me really wants to go back to Hobby Lobby and get some decorations. I can't get another good decorating idea on December 24th and have another flag experience now can I?

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    Would love to know how you got the background wallpaper.

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