Friday, May 27, 2011

Prepare yourselves, there's a storm a brewin'!

I'm not talking about the weather, although it has been keeping us on our toes hasn't it?  We lost power for a few hours this week, when the sun was shining.  Yes, only we can lose power when there is no storm.  I even had to dry and straighten my hair at my desk!

The storm I'm talking about is that I'll actually be posting some projects soon!  You're shocked, I know.  I know I've been away, I even lost a I'm sorry, I'm a busy chicka!  Between working full time, graduate school, internships I barely have time to clean let alone decorate, photograph and post it! 

As of this weekend I will only have a couple hours of internship left and no classes until the end of June, I don't know what I'll do with myself "just" having to work! 

Ok, I do know what I'll be doing and here's the list for you.

  1. Cleaning the backyard flower beds. It's like the Congo out there.  I'm sure Mr. Toad loves it that way, yes, I have a toad that comes by every summer.  Maybe "comes by" isn't a good term since our yard is fenced, he's likely more of a prisoner than a guest.
  2. Tending to my garden.  I planted a raised bed full of Beekman Boys Heirloom seeds.  I have carrots, radishes, turnips, beans, cuckes, spinach and lettuce.  My itty bitty carrots and turnips already have little leaves!  If you want your own heirloom garden, go here.
  3. Eating fresh blackberries.  We planted a bush last year and it has grown like crazy, here's hoping we have big, fat, juicy berries soon!
  4. Finding someone to eat the turnips I hope will grow.  I hate turnips.
  5. "Decorating" our back patio.  It's a concrete slab with some wild and crazy hostas growing around it.  It really is a pitiful sight.  I think a vintage glider, a new rug, some potted plants, some Mason jar lamps will really spruce it up.
  6. Hopefully enjoying the paver patio off the kitchen.  We are getting estimates and hope to be able to afford it this summer. 
  7. Having a Jewel Kade party.  Most likely on a Sunday in June, leave me a comment if you're in the central Ohio area and want to come and I'll send details when I have it scheduled!
  8. Decorating my mantel.  We have a fireplace in our den but it's never had a mantel, until tonight that is!  I found this lovely on Craigslist and she's being delivered today.  My initial thought was the den but the more I think about it, she might go live in the living room, decisions, decisions. Oh, and I only paid $55 for her, with delivery!!

    9. The final thing I plan on doing this summer is relaxing some.  I will still be in class, 
         but won't be doing an internship until August, so I want to enjoy the little down time I will have.

What are your summer plans?


  1. Sounds like you will still be super busy with all these projects! Enjoy your down time!!!

  2. Gee, Beth- you've been a busy girl getting all of your summer projects in order! I love your "new" frugally purchased mantel- are you going to paint it and bring out the pretty embellishment that I see hiding in the middle of it? Oooh... the Beekman Boys... Are they back on tv yet? I always forgot to watch them and had to see old episodes on the "on demand" channel. I like them! I'm working on a few projects, including trying to be a "gardener." ha ha It is all I can do to keep my flowers alive by not forgetting to water them. But I'm workin' on it....
    ~ Sue