Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kitchen Shelving...finally

Thank you for being patient my loves, life is just one insane day after another around here, but without further babbling ado here are the pictures.

 I just love this little silver coffee pot.  I actually think it's a creamer, it's tiny. 
The large white bowls were a great Goodwill find.  They are from Target, brand new, and I got all 4 for $1.89!!!

If you're wondering what's in the you go....
Those would be extra dog food dishes, travel cups, etc.  All the ugly things that we needed to keep but didn't really have space for elsewhere. 

 Those little turquoise dishes were also a great Goodwill find, three of them for 59 cents!! One is currently holding the most divine confection you will ever have pass your lips.  Ruth Hunts, Blue Monday candy bars.  If you're not southern or have family who are southern you likely do not know about Ruth Hunt.  I grew up on cream candy and Ruth Hunt makes the best.  A Blue Monday bar is cream candy drenched in a luscious robe of dark chocolate.  It's sinful, really.  If you want to experience Ruth Hunt for yourself, and you should, you can order here.

Now, for the other side.
My favorite item on this side is this amazing blue bowl. 
Isn't the color amazing?? I have been considering taking the bowl to Home Depot, having it color matched and painting the kitchen this color. 

Well, there you go my lovelies, I hope it was worth the wait.  I think it was, I love my shelves!!

A little financial breakdown for you:
I only had to purchase some primer, I didn't have enough left over from other projects.  I use Zinser and I got a quart for $12.94, I know the left over will be used for something.

I did buy new dishes, but obviously if you do this project you could use your current dishes. 

I got the seagrass baskets on sale at Kohl's, $11.94 for both, but I had Kohl's cash so I only paid $1.94 for them!

Besides the Goodwill finds I used what I had.  So it was rather inexpensive for a huge change!

Now, for your entertainment and what happens when I'm in the kitchen trying to take pictures.  This is what Boston Terrier owners call "bitey face."  Trust me it's not as viscious as it looks but it does make taking pictures difficult. 

It all begins with a look....
And then it starts.

Ollie going for Bean's neckmeat.

Craziness I tell you!!

Oh, one more thing.  The jury is still out on this addition.  While I LOVE the industrial look of the card catalog and it was intended to hold recipes, menus, etc.  I think it's a bit big.  What do you think?

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  1. Looks Great! I too would love to do open shelving but my Mr. says not in this home maybe our next.
    The blue bowl is very pretty, love the color myself.If you do a color match you should let us all know what it is.
    The metal box I think is big and bulky.Not for a kitchen maybe a craft room~Cheers Kim

  2. What a beautiful kitchen. I'm a new follower. Hope to see you at DIY Home Sweet Home on Monday for More The Merrier Mondays Link Party.

  3. Oh Beth I loooove it!! You did such a great job! And I think it really opens up your kitchen! It's such a cute mix of practical, pretty storage and fun little touches like the aqua jar and numbered pail. Love it all!

  4. Hi Beth, I've finally caught up with your post. This looks awesom. Love your kitchen and all the pieces. I like the industrial "recipe holder". Though I might be tempted to paint it, and keep it a little shabby. It's great.

    Lisa x

  5. looks fabulous! and I love the doggy shots!!
    have a great weekend!