Saturday, October 23, 2010

Madame Bellom sees all......

I never really decorated for Halloween until last year and only then because I found some things on sale at Michael's.  Every year I add a little more and hope to have enough "stuff" to decorate the entire house and not just the living room. 

As you'll see I lean towards the odd and unusual and not just pumpkins and ghosts.  This year I made a fortune teller's booth where Madame Bellom steals tells your fortune. I hope you enjoy!

Here's Madame Bellom's chair, her raven watching her from the top of the light, her black cat hovering above and her chalice and voodoo doll. 

I used a bouncing ball with glitter in it as my crystal ball, the base is a piece Eric made in school forever ago. The table got a coat of chalkboard paint and a "spell" written on it.

Let Madame Bellom pick your brain..

The dresser's Halloween costume.
Isn't she sweet?

Yowza, maybe not.
Love potion #9

Cheese dome made into a cloche to house an old turtle shell, vintage photo and lock.
Found antlers give the impression of bones.
Bleeding candles, super easy to make!

 I sure hope this lovely lady isn't offended that I used her picture as part of a creepy Halloween display.
 Jingle bell spider from last years Country Living Fair.

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Wow Beth how fun is all of this!?!?! You are so creative!! Love the bats and the mice and Madame Bellom's area!

    LOVE the map!! So cool!!

    Hope you are having a good weekend!!


  2. Wow! Great Halloween decor. Thanks for sharing.

  3. for this only being your second year playing with Halloween fun, you've done a wonderful job! I love the table, what a great idea - that and the rest of the displays are spooky cool!